It is hard to find one host that offers the perfect balance between cost and specifications, especially when you are new to setting up a website.

Here are seven few factors to bear in mind before selecting a web hosting service.

The Speed

A slow website that takes forever to load is always a turn-off. The speed of your website depends on the web hosting service and the technologies they use.

ecHOSTS provides SSD powered servers installed in state of the art data-centers with maximum speed zones.

Server Reliability

Weak servers and unstable network connections can often push your site offline, which will affect your business very badly. Opt a hosting company with reputable uptime scores, preferably above 99.5 percent is, therefore, key to your site’s success. Avoid companies that report an annual uptime score below 98 percent.

ecHOSTS provides hosting with 99.99% uptime and 100% uptime for Cloud services.

Customer Service

Try to choose a host that offers support to their clients, 24/7. Also, look for those who offer chat support, as well as social media visibility as opposed to email and support tickets. Give priority to companies with an in-house customer support department. They have a better grasp of the company operation compared to outsourced customer support service.

ecHOSTS offers you support over Phone, Chat, Social Media and Support Tickets

Availability of Site Backups

Cyber threats, local server HDD failure, software errors etc. will lead to irreparable damages to your data/applications hosted in the server. It’s important that you only engage a host service provider that offers regular web data backup.

ecHOSTS provides regular backup and custom backup.

Registration and Maintenance Costs

The web hosting companies normally offer attractive hosting deals during signup and even for your first payment. However, the renewal charges often more than triple. To avoid the surprise bill effect and migration at the end of the discount period, always check the renewal charges.

ecHOSTS keeps steady tariff as provided in the site. Also provides attractive offers time to time.

Ability to Add Domains

While you may be starting with a single website and domain name, you will soon realize the need for multiple websites, domains, and subdomains in popularizing your site. Therefore, before signing up with a particular service provider, consider their different packages, paying keen attention to whether they allow for running of multiple websites on a single web hosting account.

ecHOSTS provides multiple domains hosting on all plans except the very Basic plan.

Account Limitations

Every hosting company has a set of terms of engagement whose violation results in extra charges, temporal or permanent discontinuation of your hosting service. After a certain limit of resource usage, you charged extra or your site pulled down indefinitely and without a refund. So, avoid companies without clear terms of engagement.

ecHOSTS maintains clear terms and conditions. We will never take any action without prior notice to our customers.

Your perfect web hosting partner.....ecHOSTS


Friday, December 1, 2017

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